About Corina Miller - Owner, Head Florist

Corina was thrilled to open a shop in Easthampton in February 2012. Born in London, and raised in Northampton Mass, she divides her time between the US and the UK, working as a decorator and a florist.

The Botaniste shop features a special collection of plants and flowers, clothes, furniture, home decor, and art.

Corina Miller

She has done installations in New Orleans, New York, DC, Brussels and London. After training with Belle Fleur of Manhattan, she began with a members club in Rockefeller Center NYC, founding The Botaniste in 2006. In 2007 she relocated to London and launched the British Botaniste. Her artful and attractive pieces can be found in private homes, businesses, nightclubs, set designs, galleries and restaurants. 

Corina believes strongly that the atmosphere and surroundings can enhance and influence every aspect of a person's world. She's also an avid proponent and protector of the environment; pursuing sustainability as much as possible her collection features quality restored pieces.